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Let's Talk Sushi

Sushi Rolls are listed with the main ingredients only.

Austell Roll* | 8.50

Shrimp tempura and spicy tuna roll topped with Masago.


Alaskan Roll | 10.95

Crab, smoked salmon, cream cheese, tempura crunch roll topped with fresh salmon.


Atlantic Roll | 10.95

Tempura white fish and cream cheese roll topped with smoked salmon, then lightly baked. Served with wasabi aioli and Japanese BBQ sauce.


Avocado Roll | 4.95

Fresh avocado.


Bagel Roll | 7.95

Crab, cream cheese and smoked salmon. 


Bubblegum Roll | 11.50

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese topped with avocado and boiled shrimp. Served with Japanese BBQ and mint aioli sauce.


California Roll | 5.95

Crab, cucumber and avocado.


Chili Salmon Roll | 10.50

Jumbo roll with tempura salmon, cilantro, and avocado; topped with tempura crunch and sweet chili sauce. 


Crazy Crab Salad Roll | 9.95

Crab tempura roll with creamy crab salad.*


Crispy Crab Roll | 6.50

Tempura crab roll topped with Japanese BBQ sauce and aioli sauce.


Crunch Roll | 6.95

Smoked salmon, tempura crunch, aioli and Masago.


Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll * | 9.95

Tempura crunch roll topped with spicy tuna, tempura crunch and Masago.


Cucumber Roll | 4.50

Fresh cucumber


Dynamite Roll* | 10.95

No rice! Salmon, crab and avocado roll deep-fried in tempura batter served with Japanese BBQ sauce, Yumi sauce and sriracha.


Eel Roll | 9.95

Fresh water eel and cucumber roll topped with Japanese BBQ sauce.

Fantasy Roll* | 11.50

Spicy tuna roll topped with fresh salmon, lightly baked then topped with Masago and Japanese BBQ sauce.


Manhattan Roll* | 15.50

Salmon, tuna, tempura shrimp crunch, Masago, crab salad wrapped with soy paper and served with house special sauces. 

Okinawa Roll* | 9.50

Spicy tuna roll deep-fried with Japanese bread crumbs. Served with sweet chili sauce. 


Rainbow Roll* | 10.95

California roll topped with assorted fish and avocado.


Rocking Roll* | 9.50

Jumbo roll with mixed raw fish, crab, shrimp and avocado.


Salmon Roll* | 5.95

Fresh salmon.


Scorpion Roll | 18.50

Two rolls in one! Shrimp tempura roll and spider roll topped with cooked shrimp and eel sauce.


Shrimp Tempura Roll | 7.75

Shrimp tempura and avocado roll topped with Masago.


Spicy Salmon Roll* | 7.50

Spicy marinated salmon and avocado.


Spicy Tuna Roll* | 7.95

Spicy marinated tuna and avocado.


Spider Roll | 10.50

Fried soft shell crab, crab stick, avocado roll topped with Masago.


Steak and Crab Roll* | 11.50

Crab salad and cucumber roll topped with slices of seared steak, garlic teriyaki and green onions.


Submarine Roll | 7.25

Deep-fried California roll topped with garlic teriyaki sauce.


Super Crunch Roll | 9.50

Tempura crunch and Masago topped with broiled shrimp.


Tokyo Roll | 10.95

California roll with cream cheese topped with fresh water eel. Served with Japanese BBQ sauce. 


Tuna Roll* | 6.25

Fresh tuna.


Veggie Tempura Roll | 6.50

Tempura vegetable roll topped with spicy aioli sauce.


Volcano Roll | 10.95

California roll topped with a baked mixed seafood salad.


Yellow River Roll | 10.95

Soft shell crab roll topped with baked seafood aioli, Masago and tempura crunch.


Yumi-Yumi Roll* | 9.50

Deep-fried jumbo spicy tuna roll with scallions. Served with spicy aioli sauce.


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