Lunch Menu

Lunch is served Monday - Saturday from 11:30 until 3:00pm.

Appetizers (Hot)

Spicy Asian Shrimp | 6.95

Lightly battered fried shrimp tossed in a spicy sweet chili sauce.


Spicy Asian Chicken | 5.95

Lightly battered fried chicken tossed in a spicy sweet chili sauce.


Gyoza (Fried or Steamed) | 3.95

Japanese-style pork dumplings


Oki Spring Roll | 4.95

Mixed vegetables in a spring roll wrap, topped with Thai sweet chili sauce, Aioli and Japanese BBQ sauce.


Edamame | 3.95

Steamed young soy beans lightly sprinkled with sea salt.


Crab Rangoon | 3.95

Lightly fried crab salad and cream cheese wrapped in wonton skin and served with sweet chili sauce.

Appetizers (Cold)

Ahi Poke Tuna* | 10.95

Fresh tuna chunks mixed with Masago*, scallions and a Japanese citrus sauce served with wonton chips.


Tuna Tataki* | 8.95

Seared fresh tuna served with Ponzu sauce.


Salmon Tataki* | 8.95

Seared fresh salmon served with Ponzu sauce.


Mixed Sushi Appetizer* | 8.95

Five pieces of chef’s choice Nigiri sushi.


Mixed Sashimi Appetizer* | 10.95

Chef’s choice of five pieces of sliced fresh fish.


Yellowtail Serrano* | 9.95

Slices of Hamachi (Yellowtail) with a little kick of Serrano pepper served with Japanese citrus & olive oil.


Soup & Salad


Miso Soup | 2.25

Light soy bean broth with tofu, dried seaweed and scallions.


Chicken Clear Soup | 2.25


Kani Salad | 6.95

Seaweed, cucumber and crab stick salad in Aioli sauce.


House Salad | 2.50

Dressing choices: Ranch, Ginger or Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Seaweed Salad | 4.95

Young seaweed tossed in sesame seeds & sesame oil.

Fried Rice & Noodle  Yakisoba – Japanese Noodle


Chicken Fried Rice | 7.95

Shrimp Fried Rice | 8.95

Steak* Fried Rice | 8.95

Vegetable Fried Rice | 7.95

Okinawa Fried Rice | 10.95

Chicken Yakisoba Noodle | 8.95

Shrimp Yakisoba Noodle | 9.95

Steak Yakisoba Noodle | 9.95

Vegetable Yakisoba Noodle | 8.95

Hibachi Lunch Bowl

All lunch bowls served with steamed rice.
Steamed rice can be substitute for an additional 1.50 for fried rice or brown rice.

Steak* Bowl | 7.95

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl | 5.95

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl | 8.95

Filet Mignon* Bowl | 9.95

Grilled Shrimp Bowl | 6.95

Hibachi Lunch

All hibachi lunches include: a house salad (dine in only) mixed veggies and steamed rice.
Steamed rice can be substitute for an additional 1.50 for fried rice or brown rice.

Vegetable Medley | 6.95

Teriyaki Chicken | 6.95

Steak* | 8.95

Filet Mignon* | 10.95

Shrimp | 8.95

Teriyaki Salmon | 9.95

Chicken & Shrimp | 9.95

Chicken & Salmon| 9.95

Shrimp & Salmon | 10.95

Favorite | 15.95 (Filet Mignon*, Chicken & Shrimp)

Ninja | 13.95 (Steak*, Chicken & Shrimp)

Steak & Salmon | 10.95

Steak & Chicken| 9.95

Steak & Shrimp | 10.95

Filet Mignon* & Salmon | 12.95

Filet Mignon*  & Chicken| 11.95

Filet Mignon*  & Shrimp | 12.95

All Time Favorite Lunch

Served with a house salad (dine in only) and steamed rice.
Steamed rice can be substitute for an additional 1.50 for fried rice or brown rice.


General Tso’s Chicken | 7.95

Deep-fried battered chicken seasoned with garlic sweet and spicy sauce.


Sesame Chicken | 7.95

Deep-fried battered chicken seasoned with sesame sauce.


Korean Bulgogi Steak* | 8.95

Steak sautéed with scallion, sesame seed in a sweet garlic soy sauce.


Panang Curry | 7.95

Chicken sautéed with Panang curry paste, and bell peppers.
Choice of Tofu, Shrimp or Beef. (Shrimp or Beef additional 2.00 charge.)


Massaman Curry | 7.95

Chicken sautéed with Massaman curry paste, avocado, onion and cashew nuts.
Choice of Tofu, Shrimp or Beef. (Shrimp or Beef additional 2.00 charge.)


Sweet and Sour Chicken | 7.95

Deep-fried battered chicken tossed with pepper, onion and pineapple in house sweet and sour sauce.


Parmesan Ranch Chicken | 7.95

Crispy chicken tossed in flavorful Parmesan Ranch and Jalapenos.

Blacken Grouper | 10.95

Blacken grouper topped with mango salsa.

Sushi Roll Lunch
Served with house salad; NO substitutions please.


Choose TWO (2) of the following rolls | 9.95

Choose THREE (3) of the following rolls | 13.95


Tuna Roll*

Cucumber Roll

Salmon Roll*

Crunch Roll

Submarine Roll

Veggie Tempura Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll

Crispy Crab Roll

California Roll

Avocado Roll

Yumi Yumi Roll (1.00 extra)

Austell Roll (1.00 extra)

Spicy Tuna Roll* (1.00 extra)

Sushi Lunch

Served with a house salad. Chef’s choice only; NO substitutions please.


Sushi Combo A* | 9.95

5 pieces of Nigiri sushi, 8 pieces of California roll.


Sushi Combo B* | 11.95

5 pieces of Nigiri sushi and 8 pieces of California roll and 6 pieces of tuna roll.

Sashimi Lunch* | 14.95

10 pieces of fresh sliced Sashimi served with a side of steamed rice.


Sushi and Sashimi* | 15.95

5 pieces of fresh sliced sashimi, 3 pieces of  Nigiri sushi,
and 8 pieces of California roll.

Elite Sushi Rolls

House Special Roll* | 9.50

Fried jumbo roll with smoked salmon, tuna, cream cheese and avocado.
Served with Japanese BBQ sauce, sriracha and spicy aioli.


Last Samurai Roll* | 8.95

Triple Spicy!!! Spicy white fish and avocado roll topped with spicy salmon and Habanero caviar.


Zen Special Roll* | 12.95

This five-layer sushi is specially created by our sushi chef. Spicy tuna between sushi rice, topped with fresh salmon and tuna. Garnished with Masago* and black caviar.


Royal Flush Roll* | 13.95

Unbeatable roll! Try the best combination of crawfish salad, spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber roll. Topped with tempura crunch, Masago* and a combination of wasabi aioli, Japanese BBQ sauce and sweet chili sauce.


Manhattan Roll* | 13.95

Shrimp tempura, crab salad, fresh salmon, tuna, avocado and tempura crunch wrapped in soy paper. Bedded on sriracha, aioli, spicy aioli, sweet chili sauce, and Japanese BBQ sauce.


Caterpillar Roll | 10.95

Cooked fresh water eel and cucumber roll topped with avocado and served with Japanese BBQ sauce.


Super Spider Roll | 16.95

Fried soft shell crab, shrimp tempura and cucumber roll topped with crab, Japanese BBQ sauce, spicy aioli and sweet chili sauce.


Scorpion Roll | 15.95

Two rolls in one! Spider roll and shrimp tempura roll topped with cooked shrimp and Japanese BBQ sauce.


Austell Beauty Roll | 13.95

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and crab salad topped with homemade Mirin special sauce.

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